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Welcome to Southwest Data Protection, the largest privately owned off-site data protection facility in
Nevada. Everyone should be aware mission-critical electronic data must be backed up and stored in a secure off-site location safe from site-level disasters.
This makes good business sense, and is a critical component of any business continuity plan. Moving data to a separate, off-site location reduces your company’s risk and protects against data loss when, for example, the company’s IT infrastructure, or its critical electronic information is damaged by malicious hackers, computer viruses, fire, power failure, water or other natural disasters. 

Special attention should be given to your archive media. In order to achieve the archive life expectancy specified on your media, archive tapes must be stored according to the temperature and humidity requirements specified by the manufacturer. Usually these requirements are higher than normal operating temperatures and humidity. It is important that your off-site data protection facility meet the appropriate environmental conditions so that your data is recoverable many years later if you need it.

The recommended practice is to have Southwest Data Protection regularly come on-site to remove backup sets for remote storage and return other media sets for re-introduction to the backup rotation. Rest assured, your media sets are stored in climate-controlled vaults that meet the highest standards.

Southwest Data Protection’s team will safeguard your information and provide you peace-of-mind. Our trusted vault specialists, friendly customer service staff and well-trained couriers work with state-of-the-art technology to assure that your tapes are exchanged according to your rotation schedule. The climate-controlled environment we maintain inside our data vaults is ideal for all types of media. If disaster strikes, your data will be available for quick shipment to your hot-site, any time, anywhere for business resumption.

Media Rotation Services

Media Storage and Tape Storage have become more important over the last few years. With the proliferation of computers in the business environment, reliance on the IT department has reached a level never seen before, and now the potential for a disaster is extremely likely. Southwest Data Protection has seen a steady growth in the offsite media storage marketplace.


Mail-in Service

Southwest Data Protection's Mail-in or Pickup service is available for those of you who want to safeguard your backed-up information and not put it in the cloud. This service can be used by anyone from a homeowner to a business owner. We utilize our specialists or USPS to transport your Data to our vault where we process it according to your retention needs. This service assures that your data/information is offsite, offline, out of reach and protected from potential harm.

Media Destruction

Corporations and businesses of all sizes are obligated to protect their financial information and are also responsible for the handling of personal information about their employees and their clients. This is required in order to comply with federal laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Data Protection Act 1998, and others.